5 Money Saving Tips for your Home this Fall

  1. Schedule a tune-up for your HVAC system. Controlling the temperature of your office building, retail store or warehouse space most likely accounts for the largest portion of your energy bill. That’s why energy efficiency experts are gung-ho for tune-ups and maintenance of HVAC systems before the high-demand months of winter. This includes boilers, stack economizers, furnaces, and rooftop HVAC units (RTUs). Not only will your system run more efficiently, but you may also catch and repair HVAC problems before they leave you cold.
  2. Seal leaks around doors and windows. You pay to heat air, air escapes through leaks and cracks, and then you pay to heat the air again. Waste like this needlessly adds to energy bills, so don’t overlook a simple repair that can save you money.
  3. Resist using space heaters. In cold climates, central heating systems are usually more efficient than electric resistance space heaters because most electricity is produced from sources that convert only about 30% of fuel energy into electricity (energy.gov). If a space needs supplemental heat, it may also be a red flag that air leaks or insufficient insulation are the underlying cause of the chill.
  4. Say ‘hello’ to your programmable thermostat. Has it been a while since you reviewed the settings and features on your thermostat? Have business hours changed, or are you using the space in a different way? Now’s the time to check your thermostat, and if you wonder how much you might save by changing the settings a few degrees, Energy Smart has people and tools to help you calculate the savings.
  5. Check your lighting photocells and timers for proper operation. The days are getting shorter and the time your lights are on is getting longer. Make sure your automated lighting systems are running properly, for safety as well as energy efficiency. Remember to check exterior lighting—an opportunity for energy savings that is often overlooked.
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