5 Fun Fall Projects

5 Fun Fall Home Renovation Projects

For many reasons, fall is the perfect time to bang out home renovation projects. Due to a combination of mild weather and inactivity, autumn months make home improvement particularly easy and productive. If you're looking for a few renovation projects to polish off this fall, the following five upgrades are always a good place to start.

1. Do the Landscaping

As we all know, landscaping plays a big part in the overall aesthetic appeal of any property. When fall rolls around, be sure to mulch your perennials and trim any dead wood that's cluttering the yard. Furthermore, fall is the perfect time to aerate your lawn after you've cleared it of dead leaves to promote robust spring growth.

2. Batten the Hatches

Whether you live in Canada or Mississippi, fall always means colder weather in the near future. Audit your home for draft hot spots using a thermal leak detector and install insulation as needed. Caulk any windows and doors as a stopgap measure if a full hardware replacement isn't necessary. Next up, swap out old window and door trim that shows signs of rot or pest infestation. 

3. Gussy Up the HVAC

Regardless of local climate, most houses have some sort of HVAC system. Have your furnace cleaned and your vents swabbed out thoroughly by a trained professional. In addition, you can take this opportunity to install additional vents in problem areas that are difficult to heat. Installing a classy cast iron wood stove to augment your primary heat source can add value to your home while saving you money on energy bills. 

4. Pull a Few Paint Jobs

Autumn is often the best time to paint the exterior or interior of a home. Seeing as how a new paint job is just good winterizing practice, you might as well use the opportunity to give your home a makeover. Take some time to pick the right shades to achieve the look that you desire. Whenever possible, opt for darker colors to maximize heat retention during the chilly summer months.

5. Smarten Up Your House

Last but not least, there's the little matter of making your home more energy-efficient via technology. A smart house is ultimately a less expensive house, after all. Start off by installing a programmable Nest thermostat that you can control remotely from your smartphone. Another frugal fall home improvement option worthy of serious consideration is a tankless water heater setup. Tankless heaters deliver hot water instantaneously and use less energy than traditional water heaters. 

Most people look at home renovation and maintenance as a chore. If you adopt this attitude, you're more than likely to come up with lackluster results. If you take run-of-the-mill home renovation projects and put a fun spin on them, you'll end up with far more positive returns in the long run. Use the preceding fall renovation ideas as a jump-off point and tailor your plans to meet your own unique needs.

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